If you study natural healing very much you'll encounter all types of dietary philosophies. There are vegans, vegetarians, paleo diets and much more. I've always thought that eating according to a philosophy is a basic error in nutrition. Here's why.

First, we're all genetically different, which means we tolerate foods differently.

Second, we live in different climates where different types of foods grow. Native people had to eat foods that grew in their local area, we can eat foods from everywhere in the world. 

Third, it ignores the idea that your diet should probably vary seasonally because your body has different needs at different times of the year.

In the past, and even today in much of the world, people struggled just to get enough food to eat. We have so much food we worry about what kind of food we should eat. 

So, I address these issues and talk about how to use your body and your senses to help you determine what foods you need. Ultimately how you feel should be the determining factor in what a healthy diet is for you. Eating consciously, therefore, with the intent of self-love and self-care should be the goal. 

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