Modern science has rejected God. Therefore, the body is not seen as a well-designed biological home into which God has placed a soul. Instead, it is a self-organized machine that is the result of purely random processes. Consciousness and emotion arise from biochemistry. Therefore, if a person has mental or emotional problems, they must be biologically based. That's why the treatments of choice for anxiety, depression, phobias, schizophrenia, and mental/emotional problems are drugs. These are used to alter the biochemistry, which, therefore, should alter the mental/emotional state of the person. 

There is no denying that these drugs have some effect, but they simply do not restore a person's mental and emotional state back to a normal healthy one. They have side effects and often stop working after a time.

I do not hide the fact that I disagree with this hypothesis. I believe there is a Creator, a universal intelligence we commonly call God, who designed everything. When He first made everything, it was already perfectly designed. It was good, very good, in fact. Into the body, God places an immaterial soul. It is this soul that makes the choices which the body carries out. Therefore, the chemicals that are sending messages through our bodies are responding to our choices.

These choices have consequences, which result in the feedback we call feelings and emotions. The brain and nervous system respond to our repeated choices by creating programs, thoughts, and behaviors that run on autopilot. Napolean Hill called this habit force. When we allow bad habits to run our lives we experience mental and emotional instability. Adjusting the physical body may open a window that allows us to reexamine our choices and develop new habits, but if we don't, the biochemical adjustments will ultimately be overridden.

This is true of all systems, including the endocannaboid system. Join me for this important discussion. It's critical for you to decide if you are a biological machine with the illusion of consciousness or you are a soul, inhabiting a body. What you decide will determine how you approach the problems in your life, including your health problems. It will also determine how you approach herbs, medications, and other substances that are mind-emotion altering. 

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