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If you want to be successful in life and stay "ahead of the game" in business, you have to constantly be learning and growing. Highly successful people are never stagnant. They never "arrive" when it comes to knowing things, but are constantly wiling to explore new ideas and new possibilities. I really believe in being a "life-long learner."

I also believe in sharing what we learn. In fact, sharing our knowledge and skills is part of the learning process. It helps to permanently "cement" the knowledge into our minds. And, in the natural healing business, sharing knowledge with others is an essential part of our success, even if it's just sharing knowledge one on one.

Unfortunately, public schooling doesn't teach us how to learn effectively. We're expected to just memorize and regurgitate ideas without digesting them and making them a part of our lives. In fact, many things done in public school actually inhibit learning rather than helping it.

In this webinar, I'll share with you some of the things I've learned about being an effective learner and an effective teacher. We'll "unlearn" some of the lessons we were taught in school and explore things that make learning exciting and fun. And when you know how to make learning exciting and fun for yourself, you'll automatically share that enthusiasm with others when you teach.

April 17, 2014
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