In continuing our theme of building healthy relationships, this webinar will focus on the things we do that destroy feelings of love. When we do one of these love buster activities, we make withdrawals from the other person's emotional bank account. If their account gets too low, they become indifferent to us, but if the account gets overdrawn they hate us, meaning they no longer desire to be around us. 

The phrase "there's a thin line between love and hate" is more properly rendered "there's a thin line between attraction (desire or love) and repulsion (aversion or hate)." In other words, someone or something we previously desired and wanted can be something we no longer want but want to get rid of instead. 

Everyone is guilty of love busters from time to time. The secret is to learn skills that minimize these activities in our relationships and replace them with skills that build relationships instead. You can download the handouts for this webinar on the right. 

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