Love in relationships is not unconditional. In fact, it is very conditional. Everyone likes to be with people who make them feel good and avoid people who hurt them or just make them feel emotionally bad. When we help someone feel good we make a deposit in their emotional bank account. When we make them feel bad or hurt them we make a withdrawal. If a person has made more a lot more deposits than withdrawals, we like to be around them. If they make more withdrawals than deposits we build walls between us and them. 

What makes this tricky is that different people have different needs. Therefore, just because we think we've done something for our partner doesn't mean we've made a deposit. The deposit has to be something that satisfies their needs, not something we think satisfies their needs. This requires communication, especially listening, as well as careful observation.

In this episode of Seeking Light and Truth, I talk about the 5 Love Languages and major male and female needs in relationships as a starting place for discovering how to make deposits to your partner's emotional bank account and how to teach them how to make deposits to yours.  Handouts can be downloaded on the right. Watch the video below:


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