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In the 1999 movie, the Matrix, the main character, Neo, is offered the choice between two pills. The blue pill allows him to remain comfortably ignorant of the true reality of things. The red pill, on the other hand, will allow him to see through the illusion of the Matrix and learn the truth. 

The red pill has come to represent those who have chosen to wake up to the lies and distortions society places us under and see the truth. In traditional wisdom, this process has been called waking up. 

Taking the red pill can be painful because it breaks the comfortable social ideas we surround ourselves with, especially in modern society. Through the internet, we are provided with links towards information that tends to reinforce our current viewpoints and avoid the unpleasant process of having our assumptions challenged. These social "echo chambers" are comfortable—places where we can largely associate with those who agree with us and see the world as we do. 

In this webinar, I'll talk about why it's important to be willing to take the "red pill, even though it can initially be an unpleasant or rude awakening. Ultimately, however, being willing to be open to new ideas, new concepts and the peeling away of our comfortable assumptions and illusions results in real freedom, as well as the ability to make a meaningful contribution towards a better world for everyone. 

Join me and get a little taste of the "red pill" in this month's Holistic Perspective.

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