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In our modern world, human health has been split into many different specialties. Medical doctors are assigned to take care of the body, psychiatrists treat mental disorders and counselors deal with relationship problems. This was not always the case. In times past, the medicine man or healer was the doctor, psychiatrist, counselor and often the primary spiritual advisor. This approach makes more sense when you recognize that it is impossible to separate mental, emotional and physical health problems. They are all wrapped up together, along with our social or relationship issues. 

Our language recognizes the connection of mind and body by numerous phrases: 

"He hasn't got a leg to stand on." (His position is not founded in fact.) 
"Give me a hand." (I need your help.) 
"Have a heart." (Show some compassion and kindness.) 
"I need breathing room." (I'm feeling too controlled, I want some freedom.) 
"She couldn't stomach it." (The situation was too difficult for her to cope with.) 
"Let me digest that." (I need to think this over.) 

We could go on an on, but these phrases along demonstrate that our body, mind and spirit move as one, and that we should always look at this broader picture when trying to help people. 

In this special herbal hour, we'll examine some of the connections of mind and body and discuss how mental and emotional issues affect physical health and vice-versa. Join us for a journey into what it means to be a truly holistic healer.

February 3, 2015
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