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In this webinar, I'll explain what mental tools are and why I believe they work. I'll give you examples of various mental tools I've used successfully.  I'll even explain how to use this technique to get more effective results with prayer.

Mental tools are one of the most unusual things I've learned to do in emotional healing. A mental tool is an image you create of something you are doing only in your mind that has an effect on other people. It's based on the idea of visualization as an alternative to affirmations. In fact, the ability to create a positive mental image is a more powerful tool for affecting change than a verbal affirmation. The reason is that words are only symbols, which vary from one person to the next. However, images transcend verbal communication because they are universal. We may not speak the same language as a photographer or painter, but the images they create for us to view communicate messages that don't require interpretation through language.

April 8, 2014
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