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If you study traditional herbalism, you will encounter various energetic (also known as elemental) models. For example, in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) you will learn about qi, yin and yang, and the Chinese five elements­—wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. You’ll also learn about twelve flows of energy in the body called meridians.

If you study Ayurvedic medicine from India, you’ll also encounter a five-element model. In this case, the five elements are air, water, fire, earth, and ether. The combination of these forces creates three basic constitutional types, vatta, pitta, and kapha. You’ll also discover a concept called prana, which is similar to the Chinese concept of qi.

The first elemental model I became familiar with was the Western four-element model: air, water, fire, and earth. It was exploring this model that made me fascinated with energetics because a friend of mine and I worked out many traditional energetic models by just playing with the concept before I ever encountered them in written literature. That’s part of what convinced me that energetics was based on something real, and not metaphysical superstition.

I’ve been playing with energetics for many years and have applied it to herbalism, aromatherapy, and emotional healing, but I’ve also applied it to relationships, scientific ideas, communications, business, and much more. I’ve developed what I call a Universal System of Energetics that helps to explain energetics, not just in a historical light, but according to principles of science and nature we see all around us.

Join me for this three-part webinar where I unfold this energetic system to you and share some of its applications. If you really grasp what this is all about it will change the way you view everything. So, don’t miss out on this interesting and enlightening presentation. 

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Healing isn't just about the physical body, it's also about the mind and heart. Negative mental attitudes, unresolved abuse and trauma, and excessive stress all contribute to people's health problems.…