Using the energetic concepts we discussed in section one, I've evolved two energetic wheels for plants. One for herbs and one for aromatherapy. In this section, we'll take an in-depth look at these models and discuss how to apply them therapeutically to help people rebalance their bodies and regain their health.

In our discussion of herbal energetics, we'll take a deeper look at the Western four-element model with its two-axis and four quadrants. You'll see why each category of herb relates to the qualities of air, water, fire, and earth, and the energetics of heat and cold, dampness and dryness.

In discussing the aromatherapy chart we'll relate it to the cycles of the year and the day, showing how the qualities of the oils relate to the energetic cycles of nature. This will further deepen your understanding both of energetics and aromatherapy. 

Self-Study Quizzes

Here are some self-study quizzes to help you master the material.

Links for Additional Resources

If you'd like to get your own full-size color  herb and aromatherapy charts, here are the links:

There is also a lot of information about energetics in my Strategies for Health Book