In this world of scientific medicine, why do we need traditional energetics? After all, we know the universe isn't really made of the four elements air, water, fire, and earth. But this is viewing energetics through our Western reductionistic thinking. We see these models as describing categories, but that's not what they are at all. They are describing cycles of nature and relationships between living and non-living things. As my friend Roylon Mortensen helped me understand, science takes the universe apart, but energetics helps us put it back together. Healing isn't about taking the body apart, it's about putting it back together and that is what energetics helps us see. It helps us see wholeness instead of parts. 

In this session, we look at the relationship of energetics to vibrations, circles, and cycles of nature. We talk about the two-element model of yin and yang, the three-element model of expansion, contraction, and equilibrium, and then introduce the four elements, air, water, fire, and earth, showing all of them describe cycles. We do this by examining the cycle of the year, the cycle of the day, and the cycle of the moon. We also look at how these cycles are present in body functions and processes. We also talk about personality types and disease patterns and the importance of restoring balance to systems in order to regain and maintain health.

I created the following self-help quiz to help you learn the material in this lesson. Take it as many times as you need to help you remember the concepts. 

Lesson 1 Quiz

A System of Universal Energetics


Session 1: Understanding Energetic Cycles in Nature and Health
November 16, 2023
- Session 2: The Energetics of Herbs and Essential Oils
November 30, 2023
- Session 3: Subtle Energetics—The Personalities of Plants and People
December 14, 2023
- Session 4: The Energetics of Relationships
January 9, 2024