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We all recognize the feeling of being stressed. After all, everyone experiences difficult times, setbacks, death, accidents and other unfortunate circumstances in life. However, it isn't just the stressful events that are the problem, it's how we deal with them. And, it's important that people develop skills to cope with stress, because I believe it is a major factor in all serious long term diseases. 

It's not the stress itself that's the problem, it's the inability to resolve the stress. It's the fact that the fear, anger and pain of the stressful events remain stuck in the person's body and mind. In order for healing to take place, they have to be released. 

In this holistic approach, we're going to talk about the adrenal glands, the stress response and their relationship with heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and other chronic ailments. We'll discuss stress management skills and stress release techniques. I consider these tools an essential part of helping anyone heal from any serious illness, so don't miss this important class. 

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  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Stress


  • Stress Management

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  • Adrenal Glands

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