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Although modern medicine tends to think of the heart as merely a pump to circulate the blood, our subjective experience of the heart is much different. For instance:

We talk about “giving our heart” to someone when we fall in love.

We feel our “heartbreaking” when relationships end.

We say “take heart” to encourage someone.

We “take things to heart” when we allow them to affect us emotionally.

We “have a heart” when we exhibit compassion for others.

We “harden our heart” when we emotionally become cold towards someone because of hurt and betrayal.

We “lose heart” when we lose courage and hope.

We refer to love and relationships as “matters of the heart.”

We’re now discovering that these aren’t just metaphors. The heart is intimately tied in with our emotional state and our connections with others. Thus, our emotional responses are also tied in with the health of our hearts.

We’re going to explore these connections in this month’s Holistic Approach webinar and discuss how to work with the heart in a manner that goes beyond the physical. However, we’re also going to talk about how working on the heart physically, can help a person emotionally. Join me for this eye-opening and hopefully heart-opening webinar. 

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