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Emotions play a critical role in our lives. They inform us of our social and spiritual needs and they motivate us to find harmony, balance and happiness in our lives. Most of us have been taught that our emotions can't be trusted, but Steven Horne presents a different viewpoint on emotions in this webinar. He explains that emotions are always honestly trying to communicate with us, but that our mind misinterprets the message because of what we have been taught to believe about emotions. 

In this webinar, Steven presents his basic emotional model and talks about how we tend to either "deny and suppress" our emotions or "blame and vent" them. He presents us with another option, which is to listen to the emotion and understand what it is trying to tell us about how we need to change our lives. The Sunshine Sharing Hour version of this webinar focuses on using NSP's Seven Flower Essence blends (which were formulated by Steven) and NSP's Essential OIl blends to help achieve this goal. 

October 25, 2016
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  • Grief and Sadness
  • Guilt and Shame


  • Aromatherapy
  • Emotional Healing Work
  • Flower Essence

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