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Most people in Western society place their confidence in modern medicine when they become ill.  While modern medicine has much to offer, when it comes to chronic illness, it mostly offers symptomatic relief. 

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is more than 2,000 years old and offers another perspective. The TCM system, refined over those thousands of years, is designed to address the underlying imbalances in the body that cause illness. While it can offer symptomatic relief, it goes farther and restores the body back to a state of health. 

It works because illnesses fall into various patterns. These patterns of illness arise from certain body processes and organs that are no longer functioning in an optimal manner. By identifying these underlying processes and systems, and providing herbal remedies that strengthen the body and restore normal function, TCM is able to correct many different illnesses with one formula because the formula is fixing the underlying imbalance causing the person’s various symptoms. 

Thus, two people complaining of the same disease might get two different formulas, because the underlying imbalance that’s causing the problem is different in each person. 

In this month’s Sunshine Sharing Hour we’ll look at 14 basic imbalances identified in TCM and traditional Chinese herbal formulas that correct those imbalances. TCM has much to offer people in modern society. Join us and learn how it can benefit you. 

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