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To be successful in any kind of business, it helps to have good writing and public speaking skills, but it is especially helpful in the alternative health field. This is because we have to educate people about the value of what we have to offer. Learning to write and speak well helps whether we're doing something as simple as a Facebook post or standing in front of a group of people to teach a class.

I was fortunate enough to have a Father who helped me learn to write well and a mother who helped me learn to speak well, in addition to majoring in Communications in college and studying both writing and public speaking. So, in this webinar, I want to share some of my tips on how to improve your skills in presenting information in both written and spoken form. 

I'll start with how to prepare for both writing and speaking. I'll talk about ways to get past your fears of public speaking (most of the population is terrified of this) and provide tips for organizing your presentation, engaging your audience and generating interest and enthusiasm. In terms of writing, I'll talk about how to get past writer's block and let your creativity flow, and then how to edit what you've written so it is interesting, informative and persuasive. 

If you'd like to develop your skills in communicating your knowledge effectively with others, don't miss this Holistic Perspective webinar. 

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