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After losing everything in the beginning of the Great Depression, Napoleon Hill wrote an interesting book in which he has a dialog (whether real or imaginary he doesn't say) with the Devil about how he enslaves mankind. He didn't have the courage to publish it when he wrote it as he thought it was too controversial, but it was published about 10 years ago by his family.

We all face adversity in this life, which whether we attribute it to the Devil or just "bad luck" we still have the desire and need to overcome. The insights in this book about what holds us down are very interesting and in this webinar, I'll be discussing them, along with some other insights of Napoleon Hill in how we can deal with adversity and opposition and move forward in our lives. If you feel like you are being challenged in life with overwhelming difficulties sometimes, this webinar will offer some great insights into how to "outwit" your personal Devils. I hope you'll join us.

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