We hold within us the power to choose between the light and the darkness. We can choose to live in faith or choose to live in fear. Whatever we choose, the power of habit force within our computer-like brain will seek to execute our choice on autopilot. If our consciousness or soul chooses to remain unconscious these programs will eventually make us sick and eventually take our life. These programs can also keep us in poverty, destroy our relationships and make us generally miserable and unhappy. We can either drift in the direction of our subconscious programming or we can wake up our soul or consciousness and allow it to take charge.

Awakening is the process of observing the thoughts and beliefs you've allowed into your mind and deciding whether to keep them or discard them in favor of a new program. It's a process of discovering meaning and purpose in your life that allows you to steer the ship of your life rather than just drift, taking the path of least resistance. It's about choosing to live in faith or in fear.

When we live in fear, we hold in our brain programs that are obsessed with everything that could go wrong. That's really a form of faith. It's faith in the evil. If we replace fear with faith we can redirect our lives for the better.

In this second class, we'll explore how this process works and its application to health and healing. I'll be sharing more personal stories about how this has worked in my own life, hopefully convincing you to believe as I do, that "there are no incurable diseases, only incurable people."  This series will continue throughout 2020 and 2021 as part of my monthly membership program. Each month, I'll be doing a class on a specific disease or group of diseases and talking about the typical psychological and emotional issues that accompany that disease as well as the poor lifestyle choices people make that create the conditions for this disease. I'll also be doing additional webinars on techniques for helping people heal on the psychological, emotional and spiritual level. 

To join the membership program visit https://stevenhorne.com/signup or call 800-416-2887.

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