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Unconditional love is a difficult concept for people to grasp, because our experience of human love is entirely conditional. To imagine a love that is offered equally to everyone seems almost blasphemous. After all, don't "good" people desire love more than "bad" people? How would it be possible to love "evil" people to the same degree as people who are "righteous."

Yet, those who have experienced it, claim that such a love does exist. Furthermore, they suggest that our job is to cultivate this kind of love inside of ourselves. How is that possible? How could anyone love someone who is unkind, cruel or hurtful to them as much as they love someone who is kind, generous and helpful to them?

These are the questions we discuss and ponder in this Holistic Perspective as we discuss how we can cultivate unconditional love within us. It's a good topic for the season that reminds us that we should strive for "peace on heart and goodwill towards all..." I hope you'll enjoy this webinar and more importantly, share this information with others. 

December 6, 2016
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The Holistic Perspective

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