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Unless you're some kind of a saint, you probably get upset over things. People do things that get on your nerves. Things happen that you find annoying, like getting stuck in traffic or having to deal with some unexpected bills. Life is full of situations that evoke feelings of irritation, anger, anxiety, sadness and emotional pain.

We commonly say, "this upset me," or "you upset me," but is this really the case? Is the upset coming from the outside world, or is the upset coming from inside of us? You might think that's a stupid question. Like, of course, this person, thing or situation is the cause of my being upset. Isn't that obvious?

But ask yourself this important question. Does everyone get upset by this person, thing or situation the same way you do? Probably not. So, the reaction to what is happening comes from inside of us. 

Now, consider the impact getting upset has on your health. It can drive you blood pressure up, give you indigestion, cause you to have a headache and otherwise upset the function of your body? It also takes time and energy to be upset, precious time and energy, time and energy you could use to be doing something else. Something that you really want to do.

So is it really "worth" the bad effects it's going to cause you to allow yourself to be upset over something? The fact is, that whether you believe it or not, you have a choice. You can choose how you will respond. So why not respond in a way that makes you feel good? One that keeps you physically and emotionally healthy? That's what we'll be exploring in this month's Herbal Hour.

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  • Anger (excessive)
  • Emotional Sensitivity
  • Grief and Sadness


  • Emotionally Healing

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