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Napoleon Hill is famous for his teachings on having a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA), but he is not the only one to talk about the importance of this trait. A Positive Mental Attitude is essential for success in life, for, without it, it is difficult to overcome the challenges life presents us. 
However, a positive mental attitude isn't about denying that problems exist. It's not "a stick your head in the sand and how that everything will be alright" mental attitude. It's a realistic attitude, one that recognizes problems and challenges, but believes in the possibility of overcoming them. It's the mindset of faith, one of the great spiritual principles that lead us to freedom and peace. 
Letting our minds be filled with fear and doubt, that is, having a negative mental attitude, isn't going to help us solve problems or achieve anything worthwhile. In fact, I was listening to someone recently who suggested that a negative mental attitude is also an exercise of faith, faith in the power of the opposition. It's a belief that problems can't be overcome and that we are doomed to suffer pain, failure, disappointment and setback in life. 
In this Holistic Perspective webinar, we'll look at how we can cultivate a positive attitude about everything in our life, and in the world around us. We'll talk about Napoleon Hill's idea of applied faith and how to have the faith we need to overcome whatever life is presenting us. 
If you're facing challenges, problems, and obstacles in your life don't miss this webinar.

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