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Jean Liedloff made several trips to South America where she encountered tribes like the Tauripan, Sanema and Yequana tribes. Her experience opened her mind to the realization that something was wrong with the way we have all been raised. This realization dawned on her slowly, mostly because their society was so "foreign" to her that she had a hard time comprehending it. In her own words: 

“…in that utterly foriegn land I failed to notice that much of the unreal quality of its people was accounted for by an absence of unhappiness, a large factor in every society familiar to me...The ‘rules’ of human behavior did not apply to them.”

“The children were uniformly well-behaved, never fought, were never punished, always obeyed happily and instantly; the depreciation “boys will be boys” did not apply to them, but I never asked myself why.”

After living with this people and discovering their ways, she determined that we have been disconnected from our natural instincts in Western society. Inside, many of us feel that there is something "wrong" about our families and culture. There is a drive within us that says, "Things shouldn't be this way," but we don't really understand what what things should be like because we've never experienced anything different.

This book will open your eyes to those instincts, to another way we could be in the world. It shows us the way to move back to peace and friendly social interaction in our families and societies. Watch this eye-opening webinar to learn how we have broken the "continuum" and what we can do to reconnect ourselves to the "continuum" of human life and experience the power of social belonging and mutual support.  It's a mind altering look into the way things "could be" if we only understand the principles of our own human emotions and innate knowing. 

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