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There is a lot of discord, contention and even violence in the world right now. People are divided and social media is filled with angry, critical voices. What can we do to help bring peace to these situations? 

Marshall Rosenburg's Non-Violent Communication (NVC) offers one potential solution. By eliminating the aggression and accusation from our speech we can learn to be a voice for moderation and reason in the world. NVC helps us understand how to communicate from the heart, where we can connect with our listeners and help to make positive changes. It also helps us learn to listen from the heart, so that people feel understood, which breaks down barriers between people. 

In this Holistic Perspective webinar, we'll discuss the principles of NVC and more importantly how to implement it in our families, social circles and communities. I'll be offering my own insights into this topic as usual, linking it to my own experience and understanding of communication.

By offering a "soft answer" we can learn to diffuse the wrath and contention in the world and become peacemakers. If you want to be one of these "blessed" peacemakers, don't miss this important webinar. 

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