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If you've ever looked closely at what goes on in your mind, you will notice that there is a constant flow of thoughts running through your mind throughout the day. This constant "chatter" is usually accepted without question, but if you can step back from your thoughts and observe them objectively, you would find that most of what goes through your mind doesn't make much sense.

The ability to step back from one's own thoughts and question them is a skill that allows one to change one's mind and in changing one's mind, one can begin to change one's beliefs and one's life (as we discussed in last month's Holistic Perspective: The Creative Power of Belief).

In this Holistic Perspective webinar,we discuss how you go about changing the chatter in your mind by simply asking questions. We specifically focus on the ideas of Byron Katie and her techniques for questioning your thoughts. She calls it "the work," and it's something we all need to do if we want to improve our lives.

But, these techniques are also something we can do with others to gently guide them through the process of changing their minds as well. Join us for this insightful discussion into the power of questioning, rather than blindly accepting, the flow of thoughts going on in our head.

Important: This webinar was originally scheduled for Tuesday, April 11, but has been moved to Wednesday, April 12 because Steven will be attending a special event at the home office of Nature's Sunshine on Tuesday. Please note this on your calendar. 

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