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For over 54 million Americans, including 300 thousand children, simple movements can be painful due to arthritis, a disease involving inflammation in the joints. And about 30% of all Americans experience back pain and many others suffer from various forms of muscle pain, spasms, and cramps.  When over one-third of the population can’t enjoy simple, pain-free movement—that’s not good!

You might think muscle and joint pains only affect people who are getting old, but that’s simply not the case. According to the Arthritis Foundation, two-thirds of those suffering from arthritis are adults of working age. Back pain also affects adults of working age, so it’s not just old people who have troubles with their bones and joints.

Most people see these issues as structural problems only, and their solution is simple—take pain-relieving medications. However, except in the case of acute injury, chronic joint or muscle pain is linked to deeper health issues. It’s a sign of nutritional deficiencies and increasing systemic inflammation. This is illustrated by the fact that nearly half of all adults with heart disease or diabetes (which also involve chronic inflammation) have arthritis, too.

So, if you’re ready to move freely without the stiffness and pain, it’s essential to do more than take pain relievers. You need to correct the underlying nutritional deficiencies and reduce systemic inflammation. 

That’s the holistic approach to muscle and joint pain we’ll be covering in this Sunshine Sharing Hour. If you or someone you love is suffering, join us and learn how the right herbs and nutritional supplements can offer lasting help.

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The Sunshine Sharing Hour

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