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It’s a little understood fact that health is primarily dependent on energy—electrical energy. You are an electrical being and your health depends on a steady flow of electrons to operate the various processes of your body. 

The level of electrical energy in the body is connected to the pH of your blood and lymph, which are held at a pH of about 7.4, a slightly alkaline state which provides about 25 millivolts of electrical energy. 

As the pH of the body becomes less alkaline, the amount of electrical energy diminishes, resulting first in fatigue and then in feeling sick. Pain also increases as the body becomes more acidic. When the pH becomes too acidic, cells mutate and become cancerous. 

Food, therefore, isn’t just a source of calories and nutrients, it’s also a source of electrical energy. The more fresh and alive the food you eat is, the more electrical energy it provides, helping to keep your pH at the appropriate level of alkalinity. 

Unfortunately, modern diets are filled with dead, lifeless foods that increase the acidity of the body resulting in fatigue, chronic pain, and sickness. Stress, shallow breathing, dehydration, and other factors also play a role in creating a more acidic environment in the body.

If you want to be healthy you need to learn to recharge your body and keep your pH in proper balance. Doing so will not only increase your level of vitality, it will also help to heal everyday aches and pains. It will also serve to protect you against chronic and degenerative disease. 

I spoke in more detail about using electrical currents for healing on a Healthy Perspective show I did. I encourage you to watch that program also to gain more insights. Here's the link:

We also offer these units for sale on our website.

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