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The liver isn’t a very glamorous body part, but this brown, three-pound organ is one of the most overlooked body systems when it comes to overcoming chronic and degenerative diseases. With over 500 functions to perform, an overworked and under-nourished liver can become congested and sluggish, contributing to numerous common health problems. 

Some of the more common liver-related symptoms include difficulty relaxing and getting to sleep at night, feeling groggy in the morning, brain fog, headaches (especially migraines), PMS, skin problems (such as dry skin, oily skin, acne, boils or rashes), nausea and morning sickness, constipation and general malaise. Common emotional symptoms include irritability, anxiety and depression.  

Since medical tests only reveal serious liver diseases, like fatty liver disease, hepatitis and cirrhosis of liver,these symptoms of moderate liver dysfunction aren’t typically recognized as such in modern medicine. They are described very well in traditional systems of medicine such as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). We'll discuss these symptoms of moderate dysfunction, so you can readily recognize them.

Fortunately, Nature's Sunshine has some great herbs and nutritional supplements that can support the liver and help to improve general health, which we also discuss in this webinar. For starters we have two great formulas for the "wood" element, Liver Balance and Blood Stimulator. The former is for constricted liver qi (energy) and the later is for deficient blood due to liver weakness. The also have the hepatoprotective formula Milk Thistle Combination, some traditional herbal formulas for the liver like LIV-J, Liver Balance and BP-X, and individual nutrients that aid liver detoxification like SAMe, N-Acetyl-Cysteine and alpha lipoic acid.

Learn about these and other great products that can show the liver a little "love" and improve people's health at the same time. 

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