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At one time, it was believed the brain, once damaged, could not be repaired. It was thought that damage to the brain, learning disabilities, and memory loss were irreversible. Research into what is called neuroplasticity is now showing that this is not true. The brain can heal if we provide the right conditions for it. 

There are two essential elements to helping the brain to heal. The first is nutrition. Like any other tissue, the brain cannot heal if it does not have the raw materials it requires to create new cells. Unfortunately, the refined carbohydrates and processed fats found in most modern diets are not providing these raw materials. 

Even worse, these refined foods, along with environmental toxins and other harmful influences, are creating chronic inflammation, which is now being shown to be the cause of degenerative brain disorders like Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s disease. 

The second essential element to helping the brain heal is exercise. The brain, like any other tissue, develops with use. If we keep our mind positive and active, it can generate new synapses and acquire new skills. 

This is also true in the case of injury. By applying positive mental effort, our thoughts can influence the development of our brain, and even help other parts of the brain take over for parts that are injured.

Join us at this month’s Herbal Hour as we discuss the difference between your brain and your mind and how you can use your mind, along with good nutrition, to overcome brain injuries, as well as learning and memory problems. We’ll discuss various nutrients required for brain function, as well as herbs and supplements that support brain health. You’ll also gain new insights into how your mind works and what you can do to increase your memory and intelligence at any age.

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