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In magnetism, opposite poles attract and like poles repel. This simple fact acts as a metaphor for the magnetic attraction between the sexes. It is the differences between men and women that create the polarity that causes sexual attraction. The politically-correct idea that says that men and women should be the same doesn't help relationships, it actually harms them. Learning how to enjoy the differences is what keeps the spark of attraction alive. 

I've read a lot of books trying to understand how to create great romantic partnerships between men and women, but one book stands out in my mind as the best book I've ever read on the subject. It's The Enchantment of Opposites: How to Create Great Relationships by Patricia Huntington Taylor. I think I learned more from this book than I did from all of the rest of the books I've read put together.

Unfortunately, the book is out of print, so I can't recommend it to people to read. So, I've decided to do a webinar on the topic and highlight some of the key things I've learned from this amazing book. It's not only full of great tips for relationships between men and women, but also for relationships in general. The book likens relationships to a game. Games are fun, but they have roles and rules. The fun comes when you learn the roles and rules and play the game masterfully.

Patricia describes seven relationship games we can practice and learn to play well. The first is the Self-Game, which is about learning how to relate with ourselves. The second is the basic game for all relationships with others. It's called the Win/Win Game. Next comes the Co-Creation Game, followed by the Man/Woman Game. These are the basic games we master in learning to create lasting intimate relationships. Next comes the Hero/Goddess Game, which is how you take relationships to a whole new level. The final games are the Enchantment Game and The Community Game. 

We obviously can't cover the entire book in detail, so we'll be focusing primarily on the aspects of these games as they relate to creating great committed or marital relationships between men and women. If you want to know how to create a great relationship or make your current relationship fun and even enchanting, don't miss this valuable webinar. 

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