Resentment, bitterness, and hatred are like a cancer in the human soul. They not only deprive a person of peace, they can actually contribute to the development of physical disease. I've found that many conditions can involve holding onto past hurts and pain, but cancer and heart disease are two illnesses where forgiveness work is critical to the healing process. Anyone who is still carrying around scars from past abuse, unhappy relationships or from criminal trespass needs to forgive in order to recover their peace of mind.

Many people will say they have forgiven someone, but you can still see that they harbor pain and anger in their souls. True forgiveness erases this pain and anger and replaces it with peace and inner joy. But how do you forgive? How do you let go of a wrong that was committed against you that has brought you years of pain and suffering? 

That's the subject of this webinar. I've helped many people find peace by guiding them to forgive. I'll teach you how in this webinar. Set yourself free and help others to .do the same by first understanding exactly what forgiveness is, and why it heals, as well as how you go about the process of letting go so the pain never comes back.

Healing isn't just about the physical body, it's also about the mind and heart. Negative mental attitudes, unresolved abuse and trauma, and excessive stress all contribute to people's health problems.…