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For years medical researchers have struggled to find the answer to the common cold. Yet, in spite of the thousands of hours of research and the millions of dollars which have been put into this project, science has not discovered a cure for this common ailment.

All of the over-the-counter medicines people use to treat colds and flu are all aimed at only one thing—relief of symptoms. They do nothing to speed recovery. 

The antibiotics doctors sometimes prescribe don’t do any good either. Antibiotics are designed to kill bacteria, but colds and flu are viral conditions, which means antibiotics do nothing to resolve them.

So, are there remedies that can speed recovery from a cold and flu (and maybe even prevent you from getting sick in the first place)? The answer is yes!

The secret to curing a cold is hidden in understanding the symptoms a person's experiences when they catch one.  You see, the symptoms of acute viral diseases like colds and flu are not generated by the viral agents. They are created by the immune system working to flush out the viruses. 

This means all efforts to relieve the symptoms are actually interfering with the body’s attempts to cure itself. The secret is to work with, not against the symptoms, so you aid rather than suppress what the immune system is trying to do. It’s really that simple.

So, in this month's Sunshine Sharing Hour, we’ll tell you how to work with the symptoms to rapidly recover from colds and flu. And we’ll discuss why we don’t really catch colds—we earn them. If we keep our immune systems in proper working order, we won’t get these viral diseases in the first place.

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