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According to Dr. Bruce Halstead, a world-famous medical doctor and medical research scientist it takes twenty years for current medical research to filter down through the medical system and become the standard practice of medical doctors. This certainly seems true with heart disease prevention where decades-old misconceptions abound.

Here are some widely believed concepts that are out-of-date with current medical research. Many people believe that eating red meat, butter, eggs and other foods high in saturated fats and cholesterol will increase their risk of heart disease. This is because of the false belief that hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis) is caused by high cholesterol. Most people also believe that eating too much salt will cause high blood pressure. 

Did you know that sugar has a lot to do with developing hardening of the arteries? Well, it’s true. High insulin levels from high carbohydrate consumption actually damage your arteries and are a major cause of cardiovascular problems, while the right kinds of fats are actually good for your heart. 

Did you know that heart attacks can actually be triggered by indigestion? Did you know that magnesium can be as effective at lowering blood pressure as beta blockers? Did you know that drinking more water and eating a little natural salt can actually lower your blood pressure? Did you know that only oxidized (i.e., rancid) cholesterol can stick to your arteries?

If you’re surprised by some of these bold assertions, you should attend this month’s Herbal Hour. We’ll provide you with data that will help you unlearn much of what you’ve been taught to believe about protecting your heart. We’ll get you up-to-date on all of the amazing herbs and nutritional remedies you can use to keep that heart healthy and ticking. Join us (and bring someone you love) to learn the little-known secrets that can keep your heart from failing you.  

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