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Are you one of the 27 million Americans (200 million worldwide) that have some form of thyroid disease? You could be. Up to 60% of the people who have a thyroid problem don’t even know it.

Even people who have been told they don’t have a thyroid problem might have one because the over-reliance on TSH testing for thyroid disorders causes many doctors to overlook this disorder because TSH tests aren’t 100% reliable in determining thyroid problems.

A healthy thyroid is essential to overall good health because every cell in the body has receptors for the thyroid hormone, meaning thyroid hormones are involved in every major body function.  

So, if you feel weak, tired and cold, have dry skin, trouble losing weight or high cholesterol, your thyroid might need some help. Hair loss, depression, infertility, migraines, anxiety, memory problems and menstrual irregularities may also be due to a low thyroid. 

On the other hand, if you feel hyper and anxious, have a rapid heart rate and are losing weight, you may have a hyperactive thyroid. In either case, whether your thyroid is running too low or too high, you need to get your thyroid function back into balance for optimal health.  

There’s just one catch, most cases of thyroid disorders aren’t resolved by treating the thyroid. That’s right! Thyroid medication, iodine supplements, and seaweeds won’t fix most thyroid problems because 90% of all thyroid problems are actually caused by autoimmune problems. This means that it is the immune system that needs to be fixed, not the thyroid gland itself. 

In this month’s Sunshine Share Hour we discuss the symptoms and natural approaches to both hypothyroid (low thyroid) and hyperthyroid (high thyroid). We take a whole body approach aimed at actually fixing the problem, not just treating the symptoms. 

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