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Most health enthusiasts know a lot about the circulatory system, veins, and arteries, but few know much about the lymphatic system—the third branch of the body’s circulation. This is unfortunate, but maintaining proper lymphatic drainage is a critical key to overall health.

For starters, the lymphatic system is a critical part of the immune system and a key system for cellular detoxification. The major eliminative organs like the colon and kidneys remove waste from the body, but it is primarily the lymphatic system that removes waste from the tissues. It is also the primary home for the adaptive immune system, the part of the immune system that gives you permanent immunity to certain infections. So, healthy lymphatic drainage is critical to your body’s ability to resist both toxins and infection.

Keeping lymph moving is a key to healing injuries and relieving pain, both acute and chronic. When tissues are injured, they become inflamed. Inflammation involves pain and swelling. For the inflammation to heal, the swelling must subside and this is achieved through lymphatic drainage. Since inflammation and the congestion of lymph in the tissues that accompanies it is now recognized as the beginning state of all chronic disease, knowing how to improve lymphatic drainage is key to both preventing and reversing chronic disease as well as helping old injuries to heal.

In this month’s Sunshine Sharing Hour, you’ll learn about the critical roles your lymphatic system plays in health and how to keep your lymph healthy and moving. You’ll learn how lymph drainage can reduce chronic inflammation, aid healing and boost your immune function. Join us and learn how to keep your lymph system working at its best. 

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