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Fungi are literally everywhere. Some are very useful. For example, the fungi known as yeast are used to make bread rise and ferment carbohydrates to make beer and other alcoholic beverages. The antibiotics modern medicine uses also came from fungi. In the soil, fungi make minerals and nutrients available to plants and are actually essential to healthy soil.

Many fungi produce fruiting bodies called mushrooms. Some of these mushrooms are useful for food, others are medicinal and some are poisonous. Medicinal mushrooms have many uses. They can balance the immune system, calm the nerves and act as adaptogens and tonics to strengthen the entire body. 

But not all fungi are as friendly. Many molds and yeast can be very harmful to health. Many women suffer from vaginal yeast infections and millions of people of both sexes experience unsightly toenail fungus. Children also get a yeast infection called thrush. 

Some fungi, like Candida albicans, are part of the normal friendly flora in your digestive tract but can grow out of balance when antibiotics and other harmful influences destroy the friendly bacteria in the intestines. Yeast overgrowth causes immune system weakness, chronic sinus problems and cravings for sugar and refined carbohydrates. 

In this month’s Herbal Hour we’ll discuss how to utilize your fungal friends and overcome fungal foes. Specifically, you’ll learn about yeast and fungal infections and what to do to get rid of them naturally. As well as the value of medicinal mushrooms and how to use them to improve your health. Join us at the date and time below to learn more about these fungal friends and foes.

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