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Our world today is filled with contention and division. It is hard to discuss anything, especially on the internet, without things devolving into a personal attack.

People's minds are largely closed and their hearts are largely hardened. What do I mean by this?

A closed mind is one that is one that already believes it possesses the whole truth and is unwilling to entertain anything except what it already "knows."

A hardened heart is one that has lost the ability to feel compassion for others, so that it is willing to attack, wound, condemn and hurt others over nothing more than differences of belief or opinion.

In order to remedy this situation, we must recognize our inherent bias. We must realize that most of what we think we know, we only believe, and that faith, not fact, is the governing mechanism of our lives. 

In this webinar, I will discuss what faith really is and how we can use faith in the pursuit of light and truth. I'll address how we can unseal our minds and soften our hearts so that we can be more effective in healing the divisions in our society. 

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