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Just a little over one hundred years ago, infectious disease was the leading cause of death. With the discovery of infectious microbes came improved sanitation, antibiotics, disinfectants and vaccines as means of combating these microscopic enemies of good health. There is no question that we’ve dramatically reduced the risk of dying from infectious disease, but many people place so much trust in these wonders of modern medicine, that they believe they can eat and live however they want and maintain a strong immune system.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Here are the cold, hard facts people need to understand:

1) The overuse of disinfectants and antibiotics is breeding microbes that are more resistant to their effects. This means that your highest risk for getting a serious infection is in the highly sterilized hospital environment.

2) Part of immunity is the friendly microbes found in your intestinal tract, which can be destroyed by the overuse of antibiotics and disinfectants. This can weaken and confuse your immune system, making you more prone to being sick.

3) Vaccines challenge your immune system to build a response to the vaccine. If the immune system is too weak to respond properly, the vaccine will backfire and actually make you sick.

We can’t continue to ignore the fact that the real hero in preventing contagious disease is our own immune system, and most people have no idea how to care for it or strengthen it. As a result, we have less infectious disease, but more chronic immune-related diseases like allergies, asthma, autoimmune disorders, and cancer. 

In this month’s Herbal Hour, we’ll explore how the immune system works, what it needs to be healthy and how we can support it naturally. Our discussion will include the issue of vaccines and a balanced approach to dealing with this controversial subject. 

Join us and learn why your immune system is the real hero in health and what you can do to help this hero protect you and your family, not only from contagious disease, but also from chronic immune disorders. 

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